Friday, August 13, 2010 is the BOMB.COM!

I feel like a middle aged woman when I admit that I am obsessed with  I don't watch the show, although I have in the past, and I have only read the magazine in the waiting room at doctors' offices, but holy crap this woman has a FANTASTIC website!  The articles are so interesting and hit every topic imaginable from relationships to spirituality to health to food to name it!

The most recent article I read was about gay men (and Melissa Ethridge) and their thoughts and experiences on being gay.  It stemmed from Robert Trachtenberg's book When I Knew and the answers are so interesting and heartfelt.  I especially liked what Melissa said about coming out to her parents and their supportive reaction: That's all that a kid needs to hear from their parents is, 'Hey, as long as you're happy, we support you.'"  Isn't that all any kid needs--gay or straight?  I hope that when I'm a parent I am supportive of my kids no matter what stupid, crazy, idiotic, lovable, creative, genius, unimaginable thing they do.  Don't worry my friends; kids are a long way off for me.  :) 

This weekend I'm getting my hair done!  It's an absolute wreck because I thought it would be a great idea to dye it from a box.  (Side note: That's not a great idea.  Don't do it.)  So off to the salon it is for me and my orange hair.  I decided to include a picture so that when my hair (hopefully) looks fabulous there can be a great before/after effect.

Have an amazing weekend!  Do something new!

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