Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After Party Crashers

This past week was Fashion Week in Austin, and I really could not have cared less.  I can't do my hair (hello, hair dye job FAIL) so I usually just put mousse in it and run out the door.  I'm not a size 2 (or even close).  I can't afford ridiculously priced designer clothes (shoes are a different story).  But I do like parties so when I heard the after party for the Awards Show was being held at the Frost Bank tower I knew I was going.  Did I have an invite?  Does it matter?  (Answer: no.)

My good friend Marla came to my apartment to get ready for the night.  I figured the best way to look fashionable was to wear something that completely doesn't go with the ensemble so you look a little bit stupid.  So I wore a Marilyn Monroe-esque dress with Betsey Johnson black and silver pumps and made my hair really big.  FASHION!

Marla wore a tiny little black dress with black heels and a bright blue necklace to accent her pretty red hair, and she looked so pretty!  I did our makeup and Marla was concerned the purple eyeshadow I used on her made her look like she had been punched.  It didn't.  Whatever.

I drove to the Tower and admittedly, I was a little nervous.  I honestly didn't know if this was going to work.  I work in the Tower, but not on the top floor that the party was on, and I not only didn't have an invite but didn't attend one Fashion Week event during the week.  Good thing I'm good at bullshit!  My BA in English did teach me something.

We go to the elevator bank and there are three skinny ass girls in really cute cocktail dresses blocking the way.  One has a clipboard. 

"Nicole Kennedy.  I work here."
"Ok, you're not on the PGI list.  Let me text my supervisor and see if you're on the list upstairs."
.....waiting, waiting, waiting...
"Ok he's not texting me, but you have your badge so you can go ahead and go on up."

We go upstairs, get off the elevator and it is packed.  The food smelled amazing.  There was free booze everywhere.  And we were on the top floor of the Frost Bank Tower!  Sweet!  We wandered around and people watched a bit, looked out the window, took some pictures, and then I got really bored.  It was so "see and be scene" which was to be expected but is still obnoxious. 

After about 45 minutes we were ready to go.  As we approach the elevator bank to head downstairs we see they're giving swag bags away!  SCORE!  I love free things! 
It had goodies like a water bottle, notepad, free hair treatments, free meals at restaurants, discounts at stores and spas...lots of stuff!  Even if the party wasn't all I thought it would be I think it was a success solely because of the swag bag.  Did I mention I love free?  I hope they have the party here again next year!

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