Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1st Day off The Master Cleanse

I failed!  I totally failed!  It was all going great!  I was drinking my orange juice, just minding my own business when all of a sudden I get an hour long lunch break.  So what's a girl to do?  Go to Central Market?  Good call!  That's what I did and I looked at food and I just couldn't say no.  I ate carrots and snow peas and green beans and rye crackers, and it was goooooood.  Then this evening I made some homemade veggie soup and that is also gooooooood.  I can't eat much so I only had half a cup.  There's a ton left.  Oh, and my step dad made me some fresh steamed baby spinach.  It's been veggie heaven today!

It was my first day at my new job today and it was so fun!  I love the people I work with.  Like I said, they're closer to my age.  I'm not the baby (THANK GOD!) but I'm also now known by my last name since there are already 2 others with my first.  It's weird.  Please try answering the phone by saying your last name.  Go ahead, just role play and do it.  SEE!  It's hard!  And weird!  I'm always really quiet when I answer the phone because I feel so awkward not using the name I've been using for the past 23 years.

The job itself has a lot to it.  I really didn't think so much went in to leasing an apartment, but since we're on site we deal with all of the maintenance requests, emergencies, marketing...just lots.  I think I'll do really well once I get in the swing of things and find my groove.  (That sounds like a song lyric)

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with the roomie.  She's going to attempt to live this healthy lifestyle that I'm planning on having now that I'm done with the fast.  If she follows through then it'll be really nice to have support just a door away when I want that humongous greasy burger (and I do want that humongous greasy burger) instead of lighter fare.  [Side story: I just saw an empty box of Cheez-Its and was like OOOHHHHH That looks GUD!  But then I remembered that it has dairy and I can't eat dairy yet.  Boo :( ]

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 6 -- The last day!

This is my last day of the cleanse!  I still don't get to eat solids until Thursday and oh what a day that will be!  I'm really looking forward to chewing.  I'm going to start gnawing on desks and window sills soon.

Tomorrow's the orange juice day.  Honestly, I'm really not looking forward to that...  Orange juice.  All day.  Guh.  It's also my first day at my new job so hopefully I don't faint or puke or do anything that will make them think they made the wrong decision.  I think it's going to be really fun and I'm excited about FINALLY working with people my own age!  I've been the youngest person at just about every job I've had ever.  This will be a nice change.

Yesterday I went to see the Congress Bridge bats with some friends and we also went to HomeSlice.  The smells were amazing!  It took a lot of strength not to eat any of the delicious, greasy pizza in front of me.  HomeSlice is absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for good pizza in Austin.  After that we went to Austin Java on Barton Springs to have some drinks.  They only had one caffeine free tea which really surprised me.  What also surprised me was that it wasn't very good.  IT'S A FREAKIN COFFEE SHOP!!!  THEY SHOULD ALSO SERVE GOOD TEA!!!  I'm sure it was free trade or some hippie deal and that's why they chose it.  Or perhaps the owner had a particular liking to one of the caffeinated teas so they bought the whole box of 'em.  The tea was gross.  I don't remember what kind it was.  Just look for the one tea bag in the box that is caffeine free and don't choose it.

For my last day of the fast/day before I work full time for the rest of my life I've done nothing but hang out with my dog at home.  We watched some tv, joined an online dating site (*gulp* this should be interesting- maybe that's what I'll blog about next!), watched some shows online, read some stories online, napped for a good 4 hours (Cooper napped longer), and then went to the park down the street.  Coop met a sweet female Catahoula mixed pup named Micah.  I'm pretty sure that's a dude's name but whatevs, not my dog.  

As you can tell my days on the cleanse have been really inactive.  People do this cleanse while having full time jobs and full time lives so it's doable, but for me I'm really glad I've been funemployed through this experience so I could do just that-- Experience it.  All of the different tastes, the heightened senses, the gross excrement from my body, the weight loss, and the general feeling of goodness that I now feel.  I feel great and I weight 20 pounds less.  

My ultimate weight loss goal is to be back to where I was in high school.  Ya know, when I thought I was fat (pshh, stupid high school kids).  Freshman year of college I was there.  It wasn't until sophomore year that I started packing on the college 70.  Yes.  I gained 70 pounds in college.  Crazy!  And totally gross!  But thankfully I'm on my way to getting back to a healthy weight.  What amazes me most is that while it's obvious I've gained weight, I don't look like I'm a small child heavier.  Let's do a side by side comparison.

That's right folks.  In four short years I became a fat kid.  Yikes!  Currently my BMI is 26.6 so I'm in the overweight range.  15 more pounds until I'm in the normal range once again.  I know I can do it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 4 -- Wow, Day 4? I typed in Day 3 at first...

This has become reeeeeeally easy.  I'm finally accustomed to the taste of the limeade concoction.  The cayenne pepper still sucks, I won't lie about that, but the sweetness of the nectar and the tart of the lime helps to cover the harsh taste of the paper.  I was drinking my laxative tea at night, but since I'm not doing the salt water flush (my step dad scared me off from it with his poopie stories) I'm taking the laxative tea twice a day-- morning and night.

Everything is running through smoothly.  I feel good, just a little weak, and I can't do much other than walk down the street or up the stairs without becoming tired.  The good news is I've lost about 5-10 pounds so far!  That's a great start for my diet.  I'm not positive about the exact number because ever since I moved back to Austin I've been eating healthier so I may have lost weight before I began the cleanse.  Overall, my weight loss since moving back to Austin is about 20 pounds.  SWEET!

So that's that.  I'm going to stop the cleanse on Monday and begin drinking orange juice Tuesday.  On Wednesday I get to drink orange juice, have vegetable soup for dinner and eat 1-2 Rye crackers.  I'll probably have some soup for lunch too.  I'm so sneaky!  Thursday I can eat vegetable soup for lunch and have veggies, salad and fruit for dinner.  I'm sure my stomach has shrunk so while I'm excited about eating I know it probably won't be very much.  Honestly, I'm so pumped about chewing.  You don't realize what a glorious motion it is when all you do is sip.

Today I got a pedicure with my mom and picked up my new favorite magazine-- Real Simple.  I read my magazines from the back forward.  It's completely normal.  The most interesting things in the magazine are in the back and I read them first.  I'm impatient.  Anyway, the magazine has the "Food" section in the back.  The salads and entrees looked to die for!  I'm getting a subscription (my mom's paying for it) and I recommend you do too if you know what's good for you.  But if you'd rather go the free route the website has everything that's in the magazine.

Tomorrow's Sunday.  WHAT UP JESUS!

Totally forgot!  Kick Ass was a funny movie.  A bit graphic.  It was like a Quentin Tarantino film for kids if your kids curse a lot.  I recommend it.  And the best friend was the perfect date.  She payed for my movie (I gave her cash) and didn't eat because I wasn't.  We shared a water that I snuck in.  Perfect.