Monday, August 16, 2010

Look at what I bought!

On Friday I came home to two packages, one from my grandma and one from my aunt.  My grandma always send the most awesome things and this was no exception.  She sent me an SPCA tote bag with a kitten and yellow lab puppy on it surrounded by flowers, a tshirt with a dalmatian puppy holding an American flag in its mouth, and a dream catcher.  Thank you Grandma!  My aunt sent me money--woo hoo!

After a ridiculously fun Saturday night with my wonderful friends, Andrea and I went to get some crepes from Flip Happy.  First we went to the one near South Lamar.  Closed.  Then we went to the one on South Congress, but not before passing a Moroccan Burger stand.  After looking at our crepe options Andrea tells me she's getting a burger.  A burger?  Yeah, one of those Moroccan burgers.  Ok, I'm down.  A-freakin-mazing!  I highly recommend you go try it out!  Abdou, the chef and owner, was a gem to meet, too!  The Flying Carpet--you won't regret it. 

Once we were stuffed Andrea and I set out to find out Halloween costumes (which will be a surprise until then) and first went to Lucy's In Disguise.  It's closed on Sunday, fyi.  Then we went to this total crapshow-have to dig through everything-thrift store on Stassney and South First.  I found this completely awesome wooden sculpture that looks like it could be an African Fertility God.
Of course I snatched that sucker up and it now sits next to my deer skull on my dresser.  A bag-O-baskets and a sweet Chanel look-a-like purse rounded out the purchases and we went on our merry way to the next store--Savers!  Savers is perfect for all of your costume needs.  Seriously, this store has never failed me when I'm in search of The Perfect Item to complete my look.  Golf Pros and Tennis Hos- they gotcha covered.  80s- like, duh!  And if you're in the mood for an actual, normal, every day outfit they've got that too.  I bought two precious tank tops and two more purses.  One looks like a Dooney & Burke and the other has the Chanel vibe.

So it was a weekend of Stuff.  Those are pretty few and far between nowadays, but I'm so grateful when they happen.  I hope your weekend was just as fun-filled and fabulous as mine!

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