Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunny days are here again

Taco Tuesday was delish last night!  I made regular ol' beef taco salad with a black bean soup.  Yummo!  It was the smallest Taco Tuesday I think I've ever had- just my roommate, David, and Emma.  Next week we're celebrating Fat Tuesday because the following week's TT will be a special surprise!!

After dinner, we started to watch a really weird movie with Eva Longoria called Without Men.  I thought it might be good even though it was on Netflix {and we all know Netflix doesn't have the best selection of movies...} because it starred Eva and Christian Slater!  Emma couldn't stand it but I was so intrigued as to why Eva would choose to do this movie.  The acting was really out-of-this-world terrible.  And everyone is so complacent with their gender role in the community, but I was thinking well maybe it's like this in Latin America?  {I think that's where the movie took place.}  Guys boss around girls and the girls can't seem to function without men.  I want to finish watching it.  I don't think we gave it enough time to get past the suckage.

I'm currently digging these guys on the YouTube:
  • A red-headed Alabama boy singing my favorite Marvin Gaye song: Bam!
  • A super intense Brit who likes Twilight singing R. Kelly's "Ignition": Zing!
If I like a song, it's on repeat until I find the next song I'm obsessed with.  The song I've been obsessing over before these two lovely gentleman is really popular right now {sidenote: ohmagah I am about to cut a bitch!  There is constant construction on the floor above me and they keep dropping shit and banging and drilling.  Rull annoying, guys.  Make it stop!}.

Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child: Kablam!

This afternoon (aka in like, 15 minutes) I'm heading to do some recon for our company volleyball tournament.  After such an ugly day yesterday, it will be nice to have a meeting while soaking up some sun on a patio.  Good 'ol Texas weather-- it's never boring!
Yesterday 4:00pm
Today 3:30pm
Then I'm meeting an ADPi friend to plan our alumni group's annual fundraising party.  I'm super excited about it all!  We're trying to appeal to a wider community audience this year so hopefully our committee approves all of our ideas.  Like the safari theme.  And a DJ.  And lower ticket prices.  Those are the big things.  Oh, and a complete name change.  Go big or go home, people!  I really hope they approve it all...

Tonight I'm heading to TurboKick and I know it's going to kick my ass.  It's so tough!  I sweat buckets and want to die while I'm doing it, but I feel so accomplished afterwards.  Anything to keep busy, though!

Off to the sunshiney patio!

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