Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update: Single in the City

This weekend was a little bit out of control, but I had so much fun that I don't even care that I didn't get any laundry done, or get groceries for the week, or deal with anything for my sorority alumni party planning.  Or be frugal.  No, no.  I had fun.  And a lot of it.  And I was surrounded by friends and went back to my favorite bar of all time AND DRANK BEER!  Beer is not on my diet.  But beer is delicious.

I'd like to say the weekend started on Thursday when I went home from work sick and napped in the sunshine for five hours.  Heaven!  I'm so thankful for sunny days in January.  It makes me so excited for summer!

Friday we had a work happy hour at St. Ann's and a couple of us decided to stay for dinner.  Oh man.  St. Ann's is so freakin' delicious.  And valet is free so that makes me like it 10 times more.  I had the bacon jalepeno bites.  With wine.

Then I went back home and took forever trying to find an outfit I liked.  There were none so I settled on one that was meh and met up with friends at The Lemon Bar.  I hadn't been there before and it seems pretty swanky.  The upstairs bar is cool and lounge-ish.  After that we went to The Old Monk and that's where the night ended.  Sadly it wasn't the Slip Inn.  But it was a good night!  An old (really old) man at The Old Monk offered to take me on a trip to go skiing in Colorado and a girl gave me an Uber gift card (Sweet!) and also possible freelance doing copy for her PR company!  Makin' out like a bandit, I tell you!

Saturday morning I was awoken by Molly telling me to get my ass ready for brunch.  So I did!  We went to The Cedars Social and ohmagah SOOOOO great!  Ask for Danny.  He's a cutie and an awesome waiter.  Our bottomless mimosas were never empty.  Ever.  And I had the steak and eggs.  Paleo FTW!

Then we went back to her place for some wining and dinosaurs.  But Jurassic Park didn't record!  BLAST!  So one Walmart trip later we were back with Jurassic Park and a meat tray.  Mmmmmm meat.  We slumbered for a short while with the pups before heading out for dinner. 

Max's Wine Dive, y'all.  Do yourselves a favor and go.  The waitstaff is awesome and the food is sooo good.  We started our with Chicken Fried Brussels Sprouts and Duck Leg with White Bean.  Then we split a 26oz steak with au gratin potatoes and bone marrow.  And now my mouth is watering.
That's my empty plate with three wine glasses because Molly couldn't decide which wine she wanted.  Gotta try 'em all!

Sunday morning I went to yoga with Sarah and then met up with friends at the best bar in the entire world, The Bottle Shop.  That is seriously my happy place

On top of such a fun-filled weekend, Cooper let me sleep in until 9:00am both days!  He's usually an early riser so we're up by 7:00am at the latest, so it was the cherry to my delicious Sundae of a weekend.  If this is what single is like, I think I'm going to be just fine." target="_blank">"/>>

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