Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trying to find my happy place

I'm an outwardly happy person.  I try to be because I myself can't stand to be around Debbie Downers, but ughhh I cannot shake the sad.  It's been really tough this past week to not stop thinking about and analyzing every detail leading up to the break-up. 

I have stopped crying.  That's a win!  I only listen to NPR and songs that have nothing to do with love.  Because right now I just feel sick to my stomach any time I think about it.  I have been constantly surrounding myself with friends.  And as much as I want to stop talking about it, I can't!  It's the only thing on my mind and I hate that!

A friend suggested a book to me, It's Called a Breakup Because it's Broken, that should be arriving to my door in the next few days.  She and a friend of hers read it and it helped both of them to heal from their heartbreak.  I also love that there's a pint of ice cream on the cover.  Ha!

I've made a few goals for the remainder of the year to help me keep my focus and not just wail about how much life sucks.  Because it doesn't suck.  It just sucks right now and I know it'll eventually get better and I'll be able to move on with my life, not constantly dwelling on the past.

By December 31st, 2013 I will:
  • Take the GMAT and get into business school (which means I also need to decide on which program I want to do!).
  • Not date until 2014.
  • Strive to eat healthier and drink less.
  • Find my zen at yoga at least once a week.
  • Go on a trip, just me and Coop.
  • Move on
I had such a great meal with Katie, Nathan, and Brian last night, and I will miss those two boys while they're off exploring a new city.  We ate at Coal Vines in Uptown and I had the roasted chicken with arugala salad.  Super tasty!  They have these zuchinni chips as an appetizer that are incredible!!  And lots of wine. :)

Today it's raining in Dallas.  The storm moved in really quickly and the radar had a red line going across the screen, but actually being in the thick of the storm 17 stories up, it's not too bad.  I expected more lightning and thunder.  Here's a view from my desk.

Tonight's Taco Tuesday and I'm going old school with some good 'ol crunchy beef tacos.  Except mine will be over a bed of lettuce with no cheese or tortilla shell.  Yeast Free has helped me lose two pounds so far!  {It was four but then I ate and drank my weight this past weekend.}

It's 5:00 now.  Goodbyeeeee!

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