Wednesday, January 16, 2013

13.1 on 1.13

I ran my first half marathon this past Sunday, and I'm so glad I did!  One of my life goals is to run a marathon so I'm slowly getting my mileage up there.

Everyone asked if I was nervous before the race, and I really wasn't.  I didn't train for the month before the race (bad move) but I knew I would finish because I'm incredibly stubborn.  It's a gift.  What can I say?

The furthest I had run prior to the race was seven miles, and that was torturous.  I did more of a run/walk and by the end of it my thighs had chaffed and I was worn out.  So 13.1 miles should be fine!  Right...

The night before our race, Andrea and I loaded up on carbs thanks to the incredible Chef Ron and my dear friend, Julie.  Andrea picked me up at five in the morning, and we headed to the start line with her friend, Kim.  It was right at 30 degrees outside with 5-25 mph winds.  Pretty dang cold!

Before the race-- I had no idea what I had gotten myself into...

We all ran together for the first seven miles, and I surprised myself by feeling perfectly fine, even enjoying the run!  And then my knees started aching.  It was so painful so I did a walk/run until mile 10 where my body quit on me.  It took everything in me to get through those last three miles.  I was also really cold after I had to stop running and my hands were freezing!  I was in so much pain in every part of my lower body-- my hips joints, my knees, my ankles, my arches, my toes-- it all hurt.  But I refused to give up and have a friend or the EMS folks zip me to the finish.  No, I was going to finish this beast if it killed me. 

You can see the pain in my face.
 (Sorry for the proof mark. I am NOT buying these terrible photos.)
It about did.  I limped through the finish line. 


Then I grabbed a cookie from Tiff's Treats and a banana, and sat down until Andrea picked me up.  Walking was painful for the next two days, but it's Day Three of my recovery and I'm feeling great!  I can walk without a limp and the only thing that's hurting are my thighs whenever I sit or stand.  Other than that I think I'm ready for this weekend's run! 

Andrea and I have another half marathon in one month so I have to keep training.  Though I'm pretty sure I can finish this one with a better time than Sunday's race...

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