Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My first trip to Philly

And hopefully not my last!  I really loved this city and wish that we could have stayed longer.  Next time I want to check out the history of the city more and maybe go on a guided tour.  I will say they have pretty awesome people that live there.  Everyone was so nice!  My boyfriend warned me that folks from the Northeast could be cranky, but I didn't see that, thank goodness.  I don't deal well with rude.

First night - late night grub at TGIF
The view from our hotel room. It snowed the first day!

Philly Cheesesteaks "Double Whiz Wit" which translates to double the cheese whiz with onions

The view from the restaurant. Do you see the huge, creepy ants on the building across the street?

Almost done! These babies were delish!

Stoped in at Jones to warm up. Rich is drinking beer made from George Washington's recipe.

Touring Indenpendence Hall

That painting above is of this room where the Declaration of Independence was signed.
So cool to be so close to history!

THE BEST meal I've ever had in my life. Everything chosen by the chef included the drink pairings. It was out of this world.
I have a new goal in life -- to one day have my own personal Chef Morimoto.

Enjoying our Morimoto dinner. We were in heaven!

And that was just the first day there!  Next up days two and three!

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