Friday, February 1, 2013

It's February! And the weekend!

...and thank goodness for that.  January started out very high and ended lower than low and all I can say is GOOD RIDDENCE!  I'm glad that it's a new month.  It feels fresh.

Tonight I'm volunteering at the Curator's Choice at the Dallas Museum of Art.  Emma works there and it's always fun to help out.  I meet the most interesting people at the events there, including a wonderful, incredibly handsome guy I dated until he quit his job and went on a worldwide adventure (which he's still on!).  Last night I was using up my Christmas gift cards and found an adorable high-low chevron dress at The Impeccable Pig that I plan to wear with some nude patent leather heels.  It's a very striking dress, and the attire is "museum chic," whatever that means, so hopefully I hit the mark.

My big plans for the weekend are to run my first run with the Dallas Running Club and celebrate my amazing friend, Scott's, birthday in Austin.  This is what his friends at work did to his cube this morning.

HA! How hilarious is that?!  His stories from work are always really funny and I think this is proof that they have an amazing culture there.  I still think the company I work at is better. :P

I'm so happy we're in a new month!  I plan to celebrate this month of love by showering my friends with affirmations and gifts and affection out the wazoo.  I hope they love it!

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