Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fail Blog

That's what my blog should be called, or rather my entire life.  GAH!  The most annoying things happen to me that I swear are completely out of my control, but because of my incessant need to constantly be in control I majorly freak out over every little happenstance.  It's really, truly, heart-attack inducingly hard to be me.

Today there was a meeting.  I had to order lunch.  Everything went perfect (and it never. ever. goes perfect).  I was so proud of myself!  My boss wasn't going to be disappointed in me (which is pretty much the norm, at least from my point of view) and everyone was going to be happy with their lunch.  GOLD STAR FOR ME!

Of course, there was a glitch in this perfection because a traveling attorney from the Dallas office was also attending the meeting and I had no clue about it.  Great.  Oh, and this traveling attorney?  One of the founding partners of the firm...he's important.  WHY?!? 

So I walk into the meeting with a little note for him:

"What would you like for lunch?  Chipotle?"

No answer.  I called Chipotle and hastily asked if they could pleeeeease hold off on the delivery because I was adding another order.  I would call back in 5 minutes with the order.

Five minutes goes by and still no answer.  I call Bosslady and she tells me to forget about and ask him if he'd like anything after the meeting.  I'M SUCH A FAILURE!!

I just want one lunch order to go smoothly.

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