Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthdays Suck

I'm determined to have a great birthday this year because in the past my birthdays have sucked.  I don't know about you, but I am completely okay with the world showering me with attention and presents all because my mom pushed me (and failed, I was scooped) out of her.  Thanks Ma!

Let's take a journey back through birthdays past...

18th birthday-- I had just moved back in with my parents after running away my senior year of high school.  I don't remember it so I'm gonna go ahead and say that it sucked.

19th birthday-- My wonderful soro-sis, B-Wisch, threw me a great surprise party!  The evening was marred when my then-boyfriend discovered exactly how my sisters and I had received a bunch of free Jack in the Box a couple weekends before.  I still don't think it's a big deal-- we were drunk freshman!

20th birthday-- I spent a couple of days leading up to my birthday in Las Vegas with my parents, but they sent me home by myself on my birthday.  Luckily some friends picked me up from the airport so I wasn't alone the entire day, but there was no party.

21st birthday-- While it wasn't a bad birthday, it wasn't the quintessential "6th Street 21st Birthday" complete with free shots at every. single. bar.  I celebrated in Florida with family at a very nice restaurant on the water.  My first legal drink was a mojito.

22nd birthday-- It was a complete disaster.  I wanted to go to a nice dinner and then go downtown to celebrate.  I had made reservations for somewhere around 30 people who had all RSVP'd and I was excited that so many friends were able to come!  Until the day before.  And the hours before.  And 30 minutes before.  People kept dropping like flies the day of and I was left with 8 friends attending.  That's still a good number of people so I was still excited.  My ego was a bit deflated, but still excited. 

My roommates and some friends were only going to the dinner portion of the evening because Twilight (barf) was having its midnight premeire and that wasn't something they could miss.  Another friend was coming in from out of town and would be late to dinner.  Time was a-tickin' and while at dinner the Twilight girls had to leave and my friend from out of town still hadn't arrived to the restaurant.  I was about to be alone at my birthday dinner.  I wanted to leave and call it a night.  Right at the last second the out-of-towners arrived so the Twilighters left to see their (dumb and absolutely terrible) movie.  The rest of the night was great, but it was that 30 minute window where I thought I was going to be alone that royally sucked.

23rd birthday-- I was on Thanksgiving vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia with my aunt, uncle and tween cousins.  My aunt, uncle and I went out to share a bottle of wine and it was the waitress' birthday too!  She comped the bottle for my birthday.  So sweet!  So this birthday didn't suck, but it wasn't a party either.  I like people and parties and noise and laughter. 

What I haven't mentioned is that my birthday always falls around Thanksgiving so if I have a party it has to be sometime before or after the holidays.  This makes it really tricky because people always are out of town or visiting with family on my birthday.  My actual birthday comes and goes without much notice other than a few gifts and a cake from family.  I guess I just love birthdays so ridiculously much that I think there should be more hoopla and fuss about the birthday girl or boy.  God help my future children-- they are going to have the craziest, most elaborate parties this world has ever seen and I'MSOEXCITED!!! 


This year I am having friends over to Julie and Ron's lake cottage.  I'm determined to not have a crappy birthday and in order to do this I have decided to let things go.  I will be forgiving if people do not come.  I understand that people prioritize their lives differently than me and therefore the day of my birthday may not be as important to them as...well really, I don't know what would be more important other than an actual birth or something, but I'll still be forgiving.  And not hold a grudge.  And not make them feel guilty every time I see them.

It's so hard to be such a saint!

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  1. Yayyyy!!! Emms I'm so happy you can make it! And Connie thank you so so much!