Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cuddles with my puppy

Yesterday was Cooper's 3rd birthday and I was an absolutely terrible mother.  I didn't take him on a morning run because I was lazy, I worked all day, I had our office holiday party after work, and then two dodge ball games immediately after that.  Thankfully my mom is a gem and fed and him and took him for a walk so he would be ok until I got home.

I grabbed him after the games (which we won!) so he could come to Doc's for "happy hour" with the team.  Apparently people are wimps and couldn't handle the cold so I was stuck outside, just Coop and I.  Some friends joined me after I kept looking at them longingly and forcing Cooper to give them his token puppy dog eyes.

I guess it was sort of cold outside because my poor birthday pup was shivering.  I put my sweater on him and thought we were done with that, but at 5 in the morning he came to my bed and woke me up, shivering again.  I motioned for him to jump in bed and get under my warm down comforter and he did so with lightning speed!  That poor baby was so cold so we cuddled under the covers.  And then he farted.

Happy birthday Cooper!

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