Monday, November 1, 2010

The Perfect Man

We see him in pretty much every RomCom.  He's the nice guy who is also funny with some quirk to him.  Girls might not immediately like him because of the quirk, but in the end it's endearing and he gets the girl.  Or whatever.

My perfect man has the following qualities:

Gentlemanly:  This really isn't that hard and I'm not sure why guys have so much trouble with this but open the dang door for girls!  If you are on a date you better be paying for her.  And for goodness sake ASK HER OUT!  I'm totally cool with the Girl Power movement that's been going on for the past couple of decades.  I'm a feminist.  I love equality, but I also genuinely appreciate a Southern Gent.  This is a must.

Treats me like a princess: I was incredibly spoiled by my daddy because he literally did treat me like a princess.  I was the most important girl in the world to him.  He showered me with gifts and affection like any father should, and now I expect the same from the man of my dreams.  Think about it guys: when you have a daughter don't you want her boyfriend to think the absolute world of her?  Would you feel comfortable giving her away to a husband that treated her ok and was sort of nice to her sometimes? 

Independent:  As a single girl, I would love to constantly be around my perfect man, but realistically when I'm in a relationship I need me time and I need girl time and neither of those involve my man.  Plus, it's really annoying when you plan an activity with your girls and then one of them brings along their guy.  It ruins up the whole vibe, and topics become off limit because he's there and others might feel awkward about opening up to him.  Unnecessary.  My guy should be comfortable without me.  We are not attached at the hip.  Be free little bird!

Is a badass: It doesn't matter exactly what he's a badass in, but Napoleon Dynamite was right.  Girls like guys with skills.  Soccer, dog walking, cooking, jay walking...he needs to have a passion for something and excel in it.

Has a job: I have one.  You should too.  I can't stand slackers.

Same values: He's gotta love him some Jesus.  Our kids are going to be raised Christian so there's that.  And he should be socially liberal, fiscally conservative.  Equality for all and smart spending?  Yes please!

So if you happen to see my perfect man in your neck of the woods, I give you permission to give him my number. 

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  1. This is super cute!!!! See ya at the potluck