Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5-- Something you hope to do in your life

I'm 23 (almost 24...yikes!) so there is so much that I hope to do in my life.  At this point the number one goal that I am actively aiming for is to open my own art gallery.

For most people that know me that doesn't seem like it would be my go-to answer, but working in Florida made me realize what I want to do.  While in Florida I was one of the directors of my uncle's non-profit organization for children aging out of the foster care system.  If you haven't educated yourself on the tragedy that is the foster care system in America, please do so.  There are articles here and here to give you some information.

I knew moving back to Austin that I wanted to continue to work in the non-profit sector.  I love the marketing aspect of business, and I can use my skills in that for marketing and fundraising for a non-profit organization.  Making bank for a non-profit is much more attractive to me than being a droid in a corporation.  I want to have an impact on the world and I think my art gallery is a great way to do it.

The plan is that my art gallery will support other non-profits via donations and art auctions.  I don't have any of the specifics yet, but I'd like to feature a non-profit organization either monthly, quarterly, or possibly yearly.  It will take more research and experience to figure that out.  The art would ideally come from the organization being sponsored and could be a variety of mediums--paint, sculpture, drawings.  The more varied the art the better, I say!  Pieces could also be donated by supporters to be auctioned and cash donations would be accepted to help the gallery pay for fixed costs (rent, electricity, salaries, etc.).

I'll probably have to continue working my full time job in addition to the gallery for a while so that I can pay my personal bills and put money into the gallery myself.  So two full time jobs at once...awesome!  It's ok.  Sleep is for the weak.

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