Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I sell beer!

I got a job!  Well, I got a second job.  Eventually it will help me pay for some of my schoolin', but for now it's to pay off my big 'ol credit card bill$.

I'm working at my favorite bar on the weekends and I'll pick up weekday shifts if someone needs a day off or some emergency comes up.  AND I'M SO EXCITED!!

My first day was Saturday and it went great.  I was only there for a few hours but I learned the POS system and generally where everything is-- there are close to 600 beers for purchase or consumtion on-premise.  Yeah, it so awesome that it's not only a bar, but also a retail store AND we sell Growlers.  Don't know what a growler is?  It's a 32oz jug that we fill with your draft beer of choice.  It generally costs around $10 so you're getting 5 beers for a bargain!  Look at me sellin' to you?  I'm a pro already!

Now I know what you're thinking, Mom (hi mom!).  How on earth am I able to take on a second job with a full time job, studying for the GMAT, planning my sorority alumni fundraiser, and raising my child?  Yeah, I don't know.  But hey, I always say I'd rather be busy than bored so I'm just never going to be bored.  Ever.

Tonight I'm cooking gumbo and a black eyed pea casserole.  I'm doing the gumbo the lazy man's way and it's currently in the crock pot a.k.a. my favorite kitchen appliance.  Tomorrow night is my Galentine's Party for a bunch of my girlfriends that live in Dallas.  The menu isn't completely set for tomorrow, but I'm thinking tilapia over wild rice with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and a big ass salad with homemade balsalmic vinegarette.  There will be crafting and chocolate involved as well, duh.

Oh, and life is really rude.  I have to go to Rich's to pick up a gown I left there and some other odds and ends I left (because I'm terrible at keeping track of my personal belonging), and the only day this week that I'm not available is Thursday.  Valentine's Day.  What is that shit?  Not funny!

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