Friday, February 8, 2013

Dating dilemma for the girl who isn't dating

This past week has been the best week in a while!  Friday night's party at the DMA was a lot of fun.  It's always nice to see old friends and catch up.  My weekend in Austin was amazing.  We went to Zilker Park on Saturday to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather.  I was in shorts and a t-shirt and sweating on the second day of February.  {File that under reasons why Texas is perfect.}  Sunday we went go-kart racing and I crashed into Creighton.  That guy really needs to learn how to drive.  After that it was a Super Bowl party with friends, and I stayed until Destiny's Child {and Beyonce} performed and then hit the hay.

Monday I was at the dentist all day (which doesn't sound great, but I got a $50 Target gift card and it was free so suck on that sucka$$$!).  My friend is in dental school and needed a patient.  Tuesday I met with some ADPi girls to discuss our upcoming fundraiser party and work out some details.  Wednesday was a Dallas Summer Musicals Associate Producers happy hour so Caitlin and I enjoyed a few drinks and made new friends.  Last night I had a Big Brothers Big Sisters event and hung out with my little for a few hours, and today Caitlin and I are heading to The Nasher for more boozin' and schmoozin'.  It's a rough life.

About the dating dilemma...I was asked to grab a drink this Sunday by a super cute guy with a beard.  {Ooooh I love beards!}  Soooo is that a date?  Grabbing a drink?  I guess it could be, but then again it could just be new friends grabbing a drink!  I'm not cheating on my no dating until 2014 by going out for a drink, right?

Today in the elevator, I met a really hot guy who works in my building at Red Bull.  We flirted (we were the only ones on the would have been real awkward if others were around/listening) and as he got off on his floor, he said to come by and ask for him any time I want some Red Bull.  Um, ok!  Can I just follow you now, you super hot man?  I didn't, for the record.  But do I go back?  I over think everything.  This is probably one of those times.  But I definitely don't NOT think I'll be going back.  In other words, I'm going to go back and ask him for Red Bull.  And probably his number.  Still not dating!  Just friends exchanging caffeinated beverages and phone numbers!  Completely platonic. 

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