Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Moving horror story

I'm moving, y'all!  I'm moving out on my own to live by myself for the very first time!  ...and of course, life can't throw me a bone and be easy for once.  No, no- that would be too wonderful. 

The place that I was supposed to move into in TWO DAYS fell through.  The guy that I had been talking to- I guess he's the leasing agent?- stopped taking my calls and now his phone has no voice mail message.  It just repeats the number in that computer voice before asking me to leave a message.  I went by the apartment yesterday after work and to my surprise it was open!  And it looked exactly the same as it did a month ago when I decided I wanted the place- half renovated.  There were no light fixtures, no faucets, and the entire kitchen still has to be renovated/redone.  Luckily I haven't given him any money except for the application fee- thank goodness!!

I've done my crying and come to the realization that I just need to buck up and find a new place.  And fast.  Today after lunch, I'm meeting a sorority sister who is an Ebby Halliday realtor (fancy!) to look at what will probably be my new place.  It's in what Dallasites call "The Gay-borhood", and I bet you can't guess why!  This apartment actually looks nicer and is cheaper than the original apartment, so it might end up being an even better situation than before.

But moving still sucks!  It's the worst!

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