Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's issue from a pissed off feminist

I read an article today about a news reporter that is being lashed at by the media and her peers for warranting the catcalls of NY Jets players because of her dress, and it pissed me off so much that women are continually forced to mold themselves to fit in a particular place in society rather than be accepted no matter what their size, dress or general attractiveness.  Sure, even men get ahead in life because of their good looks, but if a woman wants to be at the top of her game in the business world, she needs to wear muted colors and clothing that does not show off the parts of her body that contribute to her womanhood--her breasts and hips.  This is grossly unfair. 

The restrictions society continually imposes on women fucking piss me off.  For women like me, my small breasts never have and never will get in my way.  I can wear whatever low cut shirt I choose and not be questioned, but for a well-endowed woman or a woman with a curvaceous figure she must hide her body or be ridiculed for being slutty or worse, for asking for that sort of attention.  I get that men have a hard time looking away from cleavage.  Hell, they've been obsessed with boobs since leaving the womb, but it is completely inappropriate and unacceptable to ridicule a woman because of her looks and how she dresses, especially in a field that requires a woman to be exceptionally attractive. 

Have you seen an unattractive woman reporting from the field lately?  No.  People want to see pretty people when they watch TV, and when these women are then required to conduct post-game interviews in an all male locker room, that gives no one license to act inappropriately towards them.  She has the decency not to stare and ogle the athletes' naked bodies, and they should in turn give her the same respect.  She is fully clothed and talking about sports, not tits and ass. 

Men, get your shit together and respect the woman for who she is.  Think about if it were your sister or mother or even your future daughter being made into an object of desire and nothing more when all she is looking for is success in her field and is going about the necessary steps to do so.  Sexual harassment is immature.  Grow up.


  1. Revealing is revealing, no matter the gender. Revealing invites commentary in a variety of contexts and media.

    You complain that women should not be restricted from wearing clothing that "shows off" their breasts and hips. You're right, they shouldn't be and generally aren't. The problem is when you get pissed off when men look at or comment on what you're "SHOWING OFF." Pick one! Either put it out there and be happy-go-lucky about the commentary - let it be empowering - OR, put it away.

  2. You are so off base with this comment, not to mention a coward for being anonymous, but that's besides the point. It appears that you follow the old adage that a woman is "asking for it" if she wears something "revealing." I find that disgusting. There are polite, respectful ways to comment on a woman's appearance if she is showing more decolletage or leg than usual, and outright catcalls, hootin' n hollerin' and sexual harassment are completely irresponsible and unnecessary, and in the instance that the reporter was in, illegal.