Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take un segundo...

and vote for this chick's grandmama!  Lauren Modery writes the blog Hipstercrite.  She's really funny, is terrified of living on the East side of Austin and seems pretty cool.  Way cooler than me, that's fa sho.

She nominated her grandma for Good Magazine's People to Admire.  No, I haven't heard of Good Magazine either, but that's not the point.  She post funny stories and videos of her grandma and her grandma's boyfriend who's got Alzheimer's.  She also writes about things the happen around her humble abode (i.e. the East side) and life in general.  It's entertaining.

Just go vote, kthnxbai!

PS:  It's June?  Whaaaaa?

PPS:  This picture.  Jenn, Jess and the chick in purple's face combined with sexay band-aid knee. 

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  1. Nicole! Thank you so so so much for doing this! :D