Monday, June 6, 2011

Swimming in Summer

This past weekend I babysat quite a bit.  I babysit for this wonderful family with the sweetest kids.  I think I say that about all the kids I sit for-- I love 'em so much!

Well, this particular time I babysat for them was quite possibly the easiest job ever!  When I arrived their dad needed to do some work and wanted to get the kids out of the house so we went to see Rio at the movie theater.  It was a pretty good movie and the kids loved it-- see?  Easy!

On our way back home while I was driving the family's sweet Lexus GX 460 (I want one!), the little girl asked me if we could go to the pool when we got back.  Um, yeah!  I wasn't wearing my swim suit for nothing!  Then she asked me what country club pool I went swimming at. 

I actually don't belong to a country club, my dear.  

Then how do you swim?! 

She was so concerned that I didn't have a place to swim, poor girl.  It made me laugh though.  She seriously thought that if you didn't belong to a country club there was nowhere for you to swim! 

I'll be ok apartment has a sweet pool that I plan to frequent this summer.
Yep, that's my pool!  :)


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