Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recent Goings On

A lot's been going on lately.  Most of it involves a pool and copious amounts of suncreen and cocktails.

Here are some pics from recently:
 Accidentally brought a little surprise to the office!  It was in my purse from the weekend and made me lolz.  And that damn Netflix!  I never return it and always end up paying, like, $5 for one night.  Argh!

 Found this freaky thing at a gas station.  It reminded me of one my best frands because it is a cat...and has a UT koozie.  She's flattered, I'm sure.

 Made this lil' guy for my work frand and then her bee-eff was jeal, so I made him one too!  Good news...you can make one yourself!  I would recommend rounding out the velociraptor's back, otherwise he looks deformed.

 My sweet baby monster at Blues on the Green.  Bob Schneider played.  It was hot.  There were a ton of people.  It was hot.

Sweet glow stick earrings my frand got for me from the mom sitting next to us.  I matched the 4 year olds and looked way cooler than all the 24 year olds.

Besides that I've helped some friends move in 100 degree heat and have been preparing for one of my best frand's wedding this weekend.  It's going to be a blast!  I'll actually take pictures so that you can see how much fun I'm having and not have to rely on weird pictures I take on my phone.

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