Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The only thing to do when you're broke...

Stop spending and make more money!

That means I have to get a second job.  I've been trying really hard on not spending any more money, but with all of my bills (four different student loan payments [Yes, I've consolidated as much a possible.  No, no one told me you couldn't consolidate private loans.], credit card payment, rent, electricity, car and renters insurance, phone) plus food and gas, there isn't much money left over.  And I'm just making the minimum payments!

My new job (technically I still have to train for it and see how I like it/if they like me, but I'm not worried about it) is cocktail waitressing at a popular bar downtown.  I actually really like the bar and go there with friends when we go out, so I'm hoping it's going to feel more like a party than actual work.  I know I'll have to deal with obnoxious drunks and standing on my feet for a couple hours a night, and that could get really tiring but I hope overall it's a good experience.  My friend who works there didn't have anything bad to say about the job.

Oh!  And I get to wear shorts and tank tops!  Or basically whatever I want as long as I can wear a walkie talkie and move around.  I think it'll be a really good thing for me to be busy on weekend nights too, because I won't be out spending money-- I'll be making it! 

Money money money...money! 

I've recently started tracking all of my spending thanks to a gift from Kellsey.  I spend a lot of money going out.  A lot.  A lot Alot.  I honestly don't know how to not spend money when going out.  That sounds ridiculous.  I'm aware.  But it is seriously so hard to not spend money.  Everything I want to do costs money!  I guess my only solution is to not be available to go out and work instead!  :)  Whatever works, right?

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