Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Master Cleanse -- Day 1

Cleansing is not something that I love per se, but I do love looking good so it's a means to and end...sort of.  I've decided to do The Master Cleanse otherwise known as The Lemonade Diet as a detox/pre diet routine before I begin my actual diet.

Why am I dieting when I have this bodacious bod that men fawn over day and night?  Good question!

One of my best friends recently became engaged to an amazingly wonderful guy who I know will be a loving, supportive husband and blah blah blah---I'm a bridesmaid.  Super exciting!  But also stressful because I'm not that hot young thang that I was in high school and I'm very insecure about my body.  Omigosh did this just become an oh, woe is me blog?  Heck to the no!

So the cleanse.  Yeah....  Not eating SUCKS!  I'm a rull big fan of cheese and meat -- two very unhealthy food items, especially with the lack of moderation I possess.  Day 1 could have been a ton million times harder than I think it was.  It probably helped that I didn't wake up until noon-thirty, made my concoction (which really isn't terrible tasting), laid in bed all day watching Castle and House on Hulu, and finally showered at 5:30.  No, I did not wash my hair in case you were wondering.  I've also made a variety of hot herbal teas throughout the day.  A semi-strenuous day for an unemployed chick.

Tomorrow will be a lot more busy- signing an apartment lease (I'm a big kid!), passing a drug test for my (hopefully) new job, working for the temp agency that has yet to find me a full time job, and hizzity hanging with my future roomie.  Big day people...BIG DAY!

All in all Day 1 was nothing to brag about.  There are people who don't eat for an entire day all over the world, mostly for reasons other than cleansing but lucky for them they don't drink a beverage that includes cayenne pepper.

Wish me luck with Day 2!  Hopefully I'll still be the sweetly pleasant young thang lady that everyone knows me to be :)

I wanted to give y'all the recipe for the delicious concoction in case you're interested.  I modified it because I really didn't like the taste with lemon and maple syrup.  This recipe is more along the lines for those with a diabetic problem (or so I read--it's the internetz and could all be made up!)

60 oz water
12 tbsp fresh squeezed lime juice
12 tbsp organic Agave Nectar
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

You are supposed to drink the entire amount each day, in addition to the salt water flush in the morning, but more on that tomorrow after I've experienced my first flush.  Oh, and I'm sipping a laxative tea as I type!  YUM!  Prepare yourself for a possibly disgusting post tomorrow.  I'll try to sensor as much as possible.

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