Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 2 -- Less Hungry

It's Day 2 of The Master Cleanse and I'm not as hungry as yesterday.  I am however a bit light headed, and by light headed I genuinely feel like there is less going on in my brain than normal.  Like maybe my brain needs food to work properly.  Whatevs.  I feel skinny.

Today during my incredibly difficult task of inputing shoddily written email addresses into an Excel spreadsheet for this yummy, super popular, organic-friendly grocery store based out of Austin, Texas it was a struggle to type my normal 75+ wpm.  Did I just brag a little about my typing skillz?  Yup!  I really feel like my typing was off.  I had to backspace way more times than normal.  Ew, I just realized that I'm talking about typing like it's interesting.  Done.

So I wasn't as hungry, drank lots of my yummy concoction and herbal tea, and had a massive uh-huh this morning.  I guess the cleanse is working!  I didn't do the salt water flush because I didn't have any non-iodized salt.  Oh what a silly mistake...  After a quick trip to the HEB for more limes (3 for $1) and non-iodized organic sea salt I am and good to go!  Although upon telling my ma and step pa about my plans to flush con salt water they immediately were like "hope you have a diaper BAHAHAHAHA!!!"  Thanks 'rents...NAWT!  I think I'll probably do it anyway.  Besides, I have to take a drug test first thing in the morning for my new job and it'll make things interesting.

I leave you with my new favorite internet show: VeryMaryKate.

Oh, and tomorrow my mom and I are getting pedi's during lunch.  She's paying.  Precious!

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