Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And the race begins

Yesterday was Day 1 of training for the White Rock half-marathon, or as I like to call it, The Half-thon.  It sounds kind of like a dinosaur.  (Velociraptors are my fave in case you were wondering.)

Yesterday was also Day 1 of running injuries... or was it Day 6?

My big toe started hurting last week when I went for a run with a friend.  I didn't exercise for a couple of days and it went away, but about 20 minutes into my run it started hurting again.  (Yes, I stretched.)  It hurts the most when I'm done running and it's just throbbing.  I'm guessing I should go see a doctor, but I don't want to stop running.  I need to train man!!

So I'm going to keep running until my foot falls off and then I'll go see a doctor.  After the Half-thon.  But really, I'm going to keep running and see if it goes away on it's own with stretching before and after and ice after. 

Tomorrow is my last day of living with Joe and Max.  I leave Thursday morning to get all my crap out of storage and by Saturday I'll be in my new home!!  YAYYYYYY!!!  I'm looking forward to being settled in my new place and having my dog around.  And having a full length mirror.  Standing on the tub hunched over trying to get a look at yourself in the mirror can be dangerous, especially in 4-inch heels.  AND YET I'M STILL ALIVE!!  It's a miracle, I tell ya!  My momma done raised me right.

Ok, back to work.  I have a million things to do before I have my 6 day weekend.  Yes, you read right.  Six days.  Pretty SA-WEET!!!  If you need me I'll be busy doing nothing.

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