Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I'm Single

I think I've discovered exactly why I'm single.  I won't put up with guy's crap. 

I can't stand when they get pissy over stupid things.  Por ejemplo, a friend wrote on her blog about her boyfrand getting upset with her because he couldn't get in touch with her when her phone was malfunctioning, even after she had tried to contact him via every other social media outlet possible...and there are a lot of those.  Eff that.  I do not need you attitude, mister.  You can take that attitude with you out the door and not come back.  I don't deal with the kids I babysit being crybabies and I sure as hell won't deal with you being one. 

I need attention and I need a lot of it.  If you're not calling me to see how my day's going on the reg--if you're not telling me I'm pretty and that you love me--if you don't open my door, offer to pay for dinner (or lunch or breakfast or coffee--it's a meal, not a freaking engagement ring), or do something utterly gentlemanly then I truly want nothing to do with you. 

After talking to my baller frand, C-dawg, he came to the conclusion that sometimes I lower my standards but still hold high expectations.  I end up hurt and calling him crying telling him all guys suck.  So that's healthy.

But he's right.  I do lower my standards and allow myself to get hurt and then I get pissed off when I review the situation I've gotten myself into and realize exactly where I gave the guy the go-ahead to treat me like crap--aka where I decided my standards, the ones that I know I have and that make me happy when I uphold them and find a guy who actually adheres to my standards, were null and void and no longer mattered.

But no more.  I'm swearing off guys for at least a month.  Maybe two.  And during this time they might hit on me each time I go out and I'll just say, "Nope, I'm not seeing anyone right now...including you."  Or maybe no guys will talk to me, ask to buy me a drink, ask for my number.  And that's okay too because I'm just completely sick and tired of males and their bullshit and I'm tired of me dealing with it.

See ya in a month or two, dudes.

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