Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Blog!

Cooper Jack Kennedy.

Born: sometime in December (maybe) 2007

Age: 2...ish

Height: 2 feet 3 inches, standing

Weight: 59 pounds

Adopted: April 23, 2009 from Austin, Texas

Breed: Catahoula Cur (aka Catahoula Leopard Dog) and Dalmatian

Habits: Barking, Smiling, Licking his butt, and Stretching

Quirks: Makes weird noises because he's deaf and cannot hear how abnormal he sounds

Loves: Peanut Butter, Dog Food, Rawhide bones, Milkbones, Broccoli, Food of any kind, hugs and cuddles from me, His super soft big bed in his crate, My Longhorn Snuggie

Cutest Picture Taken:

I love this butthead so much!  He is the sweetest puppy you will ever meet and loves absolutely everyone or anything he meets.  He may chase a kitty, but he still loves them!  He'll give them kisses when you're not looking, and he'll also give YOU kisses when you're not the mouth.  It's gross, but I love him so much I don't even care.

I love you Cooper Jack!

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